Why Multifamily?

This is an investment that provides housing which is one of the staples required in life. It is a known fact and history has proven that well selected apartments purchased at the right time in the market produce significant returns for investors.

The Management team at Investar USA believes the current dynamics of the US real estate market has created opportunities for accredited investors with discretionary capital to invest. With a focus in the Houston market, the Investar USA team has located multifamily properties and specific sub-markets, to capitalize upon due to the following factors:


Unlike stocks or mutual funds, real estate investing lets you use borrowed capital to enhance the earning potential of a property. Investar USA has strategically located lenders that offer the best financing rates in the industry.

Positive Cash Flow
You will begin to see cash flow strengthen creating a valuable source of income that can be re-invested or used as a secure form of income.Through our strategic acquisitions and re-positioning process we are able to locate the right building in the right market.

Investar USA acquires B and C grade buildings and carefully selects property enhancements that will ultimately boost the rental income and the market value of the property. Upgrades to common areas, landscaping and individual suite upgrades that have a positive impact on rents and proeprty value.

Market Value Appreciation

Even though there is no guarantee your apartment building will increase in value we take many measures to encourage both forced and organic appreciation some of which include;

  •  we only acquire assets in strong job growth markets which has a natural effect of appreciation
  •  market timing – real estate is cyclical and we acquire our assets in the upswing of a market cycle
  • through Investar’s “value-add” program we are able to achieve increased net operating income thus an increase in asset value

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