If you are interested in investing with InvestarUSA the following criteria will help you determine whether you are eligible to invest.

    • – You are an accredited investor.
    • – You are a sophisticated investor who has business and financial experience either solely or with a  representative to evaluate the merits and risks of Investar USA’s investment opportunity.
    • – You have the business and financial experience either solely or with a representative to protect your interests in the transaction.
    • – You have the financial ability to bear the risk of losing your investment.
    • – You have adequate financial means of providing for your current needs and have no need for liquidity in your investment with Investar USA.
    • – Your overall commitment to non-liquid investments is not excessive given your other available assets.
    • – You have substantial experience in making investment decisions of this type or you have an expert that can assist you with this type of investment decision.

Some states may impose suitability standards in addition to the criteria listed above. And you may be required to represent that you meet such suitability standards.



or Contact an Investar USA Representative for more information